Amazon has the fastest and most reliable delivery options. Depending on the location, it takes only a few days or weeks after the order is processed. For Prime members, it’s even quicker – a day or two. 

Amazon even offers an Amazon delivery guarantee that promises a refund of shipping costs if the package doesn’t arrive on the promised time. This, along with how easily we can monitor your parcel’s status, gives us much assurance. 

But there are days when Amazon can’t live up to its promise, and deliveries get delayed. That’s all right – we have a guarantee. 

“Package Delayed in Transit” – What Does It Mean?

Delayed delivery stamp on a box

What does a package delayed in transit mean? If your Amazon parcel was tagged as such, it is on its way but may not arrive on the promised date or hour. Various factors or conditions can cause such delays, and Amazon may provide a new, expected delivery date. 

What Are Causes for Amazon Package Delayed in Transit

How does an Amazon package get delayed in transit? There are several likely causes, such as:

Bad Weather Conditions Or Natural Disasters

Delivery trips are often canceled when weather conditions are severe, like a hurricane. Similar natural conditions, like tornadoes or earthquakes, may also prompt delivery delays. Such a move is for the safety of the people who make the deliveries. Packages may also get damaged when exposed to rain or elements, so it’s for our item’s protection, too. 

Incorrect Address 

If we provide an incorrect address to Amazon, this will likely lead to a delivery delay. When that happens, the package will likely return and get stored at the courier’s warehouse for some time. Then it will be returned to Amazon, tagged as an undeliverable package. 

Missing Information 

The address or information we provided to Amazon may be incomplete, such as lacking a house number or street name. The missing information makes it impossible for the courier to deliver, so they’ll have to return it to Amazon.

International Customs 

International orders typically take a long time and get delayed because of international customs’ processes. To avoid getting stuck in customs, we must ensure the items comply with the country’s laws and regulations. 

Courier Mistakes 

The courier may also make mistakes while delivering your package, like handing our parcel to the wrong unit. In that case, we’ll have to reach out to customer service, trace where our package is, and have it redelivered or refunded, all of which can cause delays. 

What Can You Do When If Your Package Is Delayed

Customer service agents attending to calls on their work stations

Delayed deliveries can be an inconvenience, especially if they are for an urgent purpose. Do not panic, as there are things we can do. 

Seek Customer Service

Suppose Amazon is provided with an incorrect address or one that needs more details. In that case, we can contact their customer service to track down the package and have the address changed to the correct and complete one.

Here’s how to contact Amazon customer service:

  1. Reach out to Amazon customer service through this link
  2. Select the category concerning your issue (e.g. a delivery, order, or return).
  3. Select the affected item or product.
  4. Provide details regarding your concern. 
  5. Wait for a response. 

Those who prefer a phone call can request it when customer service responds through chat or this link. We may also call them through this number: 1-888-280-4331. 

Request A Refund 

If the parcel has been delayed for a day or so, it may be eligible for a refund. One way we can get compensation is through the Amazon delivery guarantee. 

There are two ways we can request a refund: 

Contact Customer Service 

  1. Go to the Amazon Customer Service page.
  2. Select the category “a delivery, order, or return.”
  3. Select the delayed item or product.
  4. Provide details and state you want a refund. 
  5. Wait for a response. 
  6. Once you’ve been directed to a live agent, inform them you want a refund and ask for assistance.  
  7. You may also request a phone call with a live agent through this link, then inform them that you need assistance with your refund request.  

File A Refund Claim

  1. Find your delayed order. 
  2. Click on it. 
  3. Select the “Problem With An Order” option. 
  4. Select the “Shipping or Delivery Issues” option.
  5. Select the “Shipment is Late” or “Shipping is Late” option. 
  6. Wait for Amazon to reach out to you. 

Amazon Package Delayed In Transit No Updates

If our customer service request or refund claim has no updates, we contact Amazon’s customer service account on Twitter. Here’s how we reach out to them: 

  1. Search Amazon Help on Twitter (@AmazonHelp). Ensure it’s the official, verified account. 
  2. Send a direct message (DM) or tag them in a post. Ensure sensitive info isn’t exposed in the tweet. 
  3. Wait for a response and follow their advice. 

The Twitter account usually redirects us to the customer service portal, so we only suggest this as a last resort. 

Types of Compensation Offered after “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit”

Amazon often provides some form of compensation for valid delays or damaged packages, especially if the cause is due to the courier or on their end. These compensations come in many types. 

Amazon Package Delayed in Transit Refund

If your Amazon package was delayed, there are three types of refunds you can make a claim for. 

Shipping Costs Refund (Amazon Delivery Guarantee)

If the order comes with an Amazon delivery guarantee, shipping costs will be refunded if the package is delayed. The order must also comply with these other terms and conditions:

  1. The shipping method used was the one advertised for that product. 
  2. The address provided is eligible for an Amazon delivery guarantee. 
  3. You placed the order before the countdown timer ended. 
  4. The payment was successfully charged to your card before the set date. 
  5. The delivery delay was not due to unforeseen circumstances, like severe weather, earthquake, and other similar events. 

Full Refund 

Certain items are classified as unreturnable by Amazon. We could be refunded in full if they arrived with damages and defects. Here are some examples of such unreturnable products:

  • Gadgets/Electronic devices
  • Software 
  • Online subscriptions 
  • Gift cards
  • Game cards 
  • Hazardous items 
  • Grocery items 
  • Live insects 

We can also politely assert a full refund if the delayed item is no longer useful to us. If we are granted a full refund for that reason, we’ll be asked to return the item, or the package will be redirected back to Amazon. But there are also instances when the package arrived late, we were refunded, and we weren’t asked to return anything.  

Partial Refund 

If we don’t need the product anymore and can’t get a full refund, there’s still a chance at a partial refund of up to 80% when we return the item. Refer to this partial refunds table from Amazon:

Item ConditionAmount of Refund
Item is in original condition. Returned beyond the return window.80% of item price.
CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, or vinyl records taken out of plastic wrap.50% of item price.
Item is not in original condition (has damages, missing parts, or apparent signs of use).Up to 50% of item price.

The return window is usually set to 30 days after delivery. This can vary per item, so we must check first with the “Return and Replace Items” tab within “Your Orders.” Select the order to see if we’ve exceeded the return window.  

Amazon Prime Late Delivery Compensation

As Amazon Prime customers, our orders usually come with free shipping. But, if our order has a delivery guarantee, was delayed, and meets the guarantee’s terms and conditions, do we still get a refund for shipping costs? 

In that case, instead of shipping costs, we will still receive another form of compensation when we reach out to Amazon. According to other Amazon customers, they received Amazon gift cards or membership extensions. 

Product Replacement 

If the delayed order came with damages or defects, we could request more than the shipping costs. If we really need the item and don’t mind waiting for longer, we can have it replaced – no charges – if we return it within 30 days from delivery

Product Exchange

If the delayed order came in a different size or color, we could have it exchanged for the correct one. To do so, we must return it within 30 days from delivery, and there won’t be any charges unless the exchanged or new item costs more than the original one. 


Why Is My Amazon Package Delayed In Transit?

An Amazon package delayed in transit is likely because of the following: bad weather conditions, natural disasters, incorrect or incomplete address, delay in customs, and courier mistakes. 

What Happens If Amazon Delays A Package?

If Amazon delays a package, your item will not arrive on time, and you can request a refund or compensation for shipping or product costs. 

How Long Should I Wait For A Delayed Package? 

It is customary for you to wait one to three days after the last day of the delivery window of the delayed package to reach out to customer service. 

Can I Get A Refund If My Package Is Delayed? 

Depending on the conditions, you may get a refund on shipping costs, partial item price, or total item cost because your package was delayed. 

Can I Cancel An Order If My Delivery Is Delayed? 

If you want to cancel your Amazon order because it arrived too late, you may ask customer service to do so and refund you the costs. 

Can I Ask For Compensation If My Order Is Delayed? 

You can contact Amazon customer service and ask for compensation if your order was delayed and there are no shipping costs to refund. 

What Should I Say If My Order Is Delayed? 

When your order is delayed, you should say how long the delay was and how impactful it was to you, and ask for what compensation they can offer.

Is The Seller Responsible For Delayed Delivery? 

If the delivery was done through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the seller is unlikely to be responsible for the delayed delivery as Amazon is responsible for picking, packing, shipping, customer service, and handling returns of those items. 

Can You Sue Amazon For Late Delivery? 

You can sue Amazon for late delivery, but it is better to settle the matter through customer service rather than court.