When an e-commerce package recipient in the US receives a “delivered to departed FedEx location” notice, it doesn’t sound particularly reassuring. After all, who has ever had something delivered to them at their “departed” anything? Not to worry, though; arriving items listed as “delivered to departed FedEx location” isn’t as strange or as ominous sounding as one might think. 

If you’re tracking your FedEx item, we’ll explain what that means and how to find its location. Whether you’ve sent a cherished gift off, expecting speedy arrival but received the dreaded message instead, or anxiously awaiting the delivery of essential goods, read on for more information about what “departed FedEx location” means!

Why Your Package May Not Be Moving

When your package is sent through FedEx, it may occasionally display the message “departed FedEx location” without providing any other details. Several reasons might explain why your package is moving slower than you’d like. Here are some common reasons why your package is stuck at some point:

1. Your Package Has Hit a Roadblock

The most common reason your package is stuck is that it has encountered some roadblocks. This could include anything from customs issues to administrative delays to weather conditions that have caused disruptions in your shipment’s transportation. 

Please get in touch with FedEx customer service and explain your situation if this is the case. Usually, they can give you more information about any delays caused by roadblocks.

2. Your Package Was Misrouted

Another reason your package could have left a FedEx location is because it needed to be routed. This suggests that the message was inadvertently dispatched to an improper location or an erroneous recipient.

Contact FedEx customer service with the correct delivery details to redirect your package to the right address. Feel free to ask for assistance without any hesitation. Be confident in reaching out to them for assistance.

3. Your Package Has Been Lost or Stolen

Unfortunately, packages do sometimes get lost or stolen in transit. Suppose your FedEx package has not arrived at its intended location, even though it seems to have left a FedEx facility. In that case, it may have been misplaced or taken.

For the most efficient assistance with FedEx, contacting their customer service team is recommended. They are consistently accessible and equipped to respond promptly to inquiries or resolve issues. They should be able to help you out! They can investigate further and help you locate your package, if possible.

If your package is experiencing delays, we understand how frustrating that can be. You can get help from FedEx’s customer service anytime, day or night. They want to assure you get the help you need. With their help, you should be able to find out why your package has “departed FedEx location” and get it back on track in no time.

How To Stay Informed Throughout the Delivery Process

Fedex Delivery Manager website page screenshot
Image Source: Fedex.com

After sending your package, there’s no need to worry! FedEx offers various tracking options to keep you informed throughout the delivery process. After a parcel has departed its origin FedEx location, customers can track their package’s progress online and on mobile devices. You can track your shipment easily with a few clicks. 

Customers can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager® to receive alerts about their package’s estimated arrival time, authorize the signature release, and more. With these tools, you can track your package and find out when it will arrive safely.

You can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager® to receive notifications and alerts about the status of your package, including when it has departed its origin FedEx location. You can also arrange for alternate delivery locations or hold-at-location services if you’d like your parcel to be left with a neighbor or at a FedEx Office store. This helps you know when your package has been delivered. 

With FedEx Delivery Manager®, you’ll never have to worry about missing a delivery again!


While it can be frustrating to see the message “departed FedEx location” appear on your tracking page without additional information, this issue is usually resolved quickly and easily. By contacting FedEx customer service and staying informed with tools like FedEx Delivery Manager®, you should have no trouble getting your package back on track in no time. These resources will ensure your package arrives safely at its destination.

Remember to use FedEx Delivery Manager® to stay informed throughout the delivery process, including when your package has departed its origin FedEx location. You can check that your package is on schedule and will arrive safely at its destination. This tool ensures that you will get all your deliveries. It is easy to use and effective. Happy shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions About “Departed FedEx Location”

How long is normal FedEx shipping?

While the normal transit time for FedEx shipments varies depending on the destination and service selected, most packages arrive within 1 to 5 business days.

Does FedEx deliver without updating tracking?

Yes, FedEx can deliver packages without updating the tracking information. Contact FedEx customer service for assistance if you are still waiting to receive your package within the estimated delivery time.

What does “departed FedEx location” mean?

When a package departs from its origin FedEx location, it is in transit and on its way to the next destination. This is a regular part of delivery. Everything is fine with your package.

How long will FedEx hold a package?

FedEx can keep a package for 7 days if they can’t deliver it because of an incorrect address or the recipient is unavailable. After that, the package will be returned to the person/business who sent it.

Can I track exactly where my FedEx package is?

You can track your package’s progress online or on mobile devices. With just a few clicks, you can see where your shipment is in the delivery process and when it has departed its origin FedEx location.