Need clarification on what FedEx OnSite is and how it could enhance your shipping experience? 

Let’s delve into this innovative service and uncover its myriad benefits. First, FedEx OnSite is a dynamic shipping solution wherein FedEx collaborates with local businesses to create pickup and dropoff points. So, instead of navigating to a FedEx store, you can manage your parcels at more accessible locations, even outside typical business hours.

Utilizing FedEx OnSite has numerous advantages, particularly in terms of accessibility and flexibility. These convenient locations are woven into your everyday errands, seamlessly integrating shipping tasks into your routine. 

If you miss a home delivery, your package can be securely held at a nearby FedEx OnSite location, bringing FedEx’s dependable network closer to your doorstep.

Does FedEx Have Pickup and Dropoff Shipping Options?

FedEx Center

Yes, FedEx provides customers with pickup and dropoff shipping options to enhance their shipping experience. Through FedEx OnSite, customers can drop off outgoing packages or pick up incoming ones at their convenience. 

These FedEx OnSite locations include participating businesses, like pharmacies and grocery stores, which often have extended hours compared to traditional FedEx locations, thus providing additional flexibility.

The process of utilizing these services is straightforward. For outgoing packages, simply package your item, attach a shipping label, and drop it off at the nearest FedEx OnSite location. 

When expecting an incoming parcel, if you’re unavailable for home delivery, you can opt to have it tendered at a FedEx OnSite location. Once there, you’ll receive a notification to pick up your package at your earliest convenience.

How To Find FedEx Pickup and Dropoff Shipping Locations?

Locating a FedEx OnSite location for your shipping needs is a relatively simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, navigate to the FedEx website.
  2. Once there, look for the “Find a Location” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page. Click on this tab.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a new page with a search bar. Enter your city, state, or ZIP code in this search bar.
  4. Beneath the search bar, you’ll find options to narrow down your search. For example, select the box that says “FedEx OnSite.”
  5. After entering your search parameters, click the “Find” button.
  6. A list of FedEx OnSite locations near your specified area will appear. This list includes details like the store name, address, and operating hours.
  7. Select the location most convenient for you for your package pickup or dropoff.

How Does FedEx OnSite Work?

FedEx delivery truck

When you’re expecting a package but can’t be present for home delivery, FedEx OnSite offers a solution enabling redirecting your package. You can modify the delivery destination to a FedEx OnSite location near you through the FedEx website or mobile app. This allows you to collect your parcel at a time that suits your schedule.

Once your package is safely at the designated FedEx OnSite location, a notification is promptly sent to inform you of its arrival. This could be via email, text, or the FedEx app, depending on your preference and the communication channels you provided. You’ll have several days to pick up your package at your earliest convenience.

FedEx OnSite locations also incorporate FedEx Drop Boxes for smaller packages. These Drop Boxes operate like a mailbox. Simply deposit your prepared, smaller-sized package into the drop box. 

Whether your package is tendered at a FedEx location or dropped in one of these boxes, FedEx ensures it enters its delivery network swiftly and safely, maintaining the efficiency and reliability FedEx is known for.

A Step-by-Step Guide on FedEx Picking Up and Dropping Off Packages

Whether you’re looking to send a package or pick one up, FedEx OnSite offers a streamlined process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate these services:

  1. For outgoing packages, start by packaging your item securely. Ensure it’s safe for transit and sealed correctly.
  2. Next, attach a shipping label to your package. You can create and print one through the FedEx website or at a FedEx OnSite location if you don’t have one.
  3. Once your package is ready, drop it off at a FedEx OnSite location. Look for the designated area for outgoing parcels.

If you’re expecting a package:

  1. When your package is en route, you can redirect it to a FedEx OnSite location if you cannot receive it at home. This is quickly done through the FedEx website or mobile app.
  2. After your package is tendered at the FedEx OnSite location, you’ll receive a notification via your preferred communication channel.
  3. Finally, visit the OnSite location at your convenience to collect your package. Remember to bring a valid photo ID for verification purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Using FedEx Onsite?

  • Convenience: The primary benefit of FedEx OnSite lies in its comfort. Integrating with businesses you frequent, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, provides a one-stop solution for your shipping needs. You can drop off or pick up your package while running your regular errands, making it a seamless addition to your day-to-day routine.
  • Extended Hours: Traditional FedEx locations often operate within standard business hours, but FedEx OnSite locations usually have extended hours. These are tailored to the opening times of the partner businesses, often including weekends. This extended availability allows you to handle your shipping needs at times that suit you best.
  • Package Security: Missed a delivery? Don’t worry. Instead of leaving your package unattended, FedEx can have it tendered at a FedEx OnSite location. This provides a secure alternative, ensuring your package is kept safe until you can collect it.
  • Easy Tracking and Notifications: With FedEx OnSite, updating your package status is simple. Whether your package is tendered at a FedEx location or an OnSite partner business, you’ll receive timely notifications about its status. This way, you’re always informed and can efficiently manage your pickups or deliveries.
  • Access to FedEx Drop Boxes: Many FedEx OnSite locations also feature FedEx Drop Boxes. These are perfect for smaller packages, providing a quick and easy drop-off option that feeds directly into FedEx’s renowned delivery network. This is yet another way that FedEx OnSite offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for your shipping needs.

FedEx OnSite vs. Other Shipping Methods

FedEx delivery truck on the road

When comparing FedEx OnSite to traditional shipping methods, the former offers an innovative, flexible, and efficient solution. However, traditional methods typically require you to visit a dedicated shipping office, operate during standard business hours, and lack the convenience of neighborhood accessibility. 

However, with FedEx OnSite, you can drop off and pick up packages at your convenience, often during extended hours at nearby locations, creating a more accessible and user-friendly shipping experience.

FedEx OnSite stands out for its ability to mesh with your everyday life compared to other package delivery services. While other services might offer home pickup or drop-off, they need more flexibility and security of FedEx OnSite locations. 

Being housed within established businesses, these locations provide a secure environment for package storage and extended operating hours, making FedEx OnSite a superior choice for many.


FedEx OnSite provides a shipping solution that seamlessly fits your busy schedule. Integrating pickup and drop-off locations into everyday businesses and offering extended operating hours simplifies package handling. 

Whether your package is tendered at a FedEx location or an OnSite partner business, FedEx ensures it’s managed securely and efficiently. This service revolutionizes the traditional package delivery experience, providing convenience, flexibility, and reliability. From extended operating hours to secure package handling and easy tracking, the benefits of FedEx OnSite are manifold. 

So, whether you’re sending a birthday gift, returning an online shopping order, or receiving an important document, FedEx OnSite makes the process a breeze, one package at a time.


What is FedEx OnSite?

FedEx OnSite is a service where FedEx partners with local businesses to create accessible and convenient pickup and dropoff locations for packages.

How does a package get tendered at a FedEx OnSite location?

A package gets tendered at a FedEx OnSite location either by a customer dropping it off for shipment or by FedEx redirecting a delivery there when a recipient isn’t available at home.

How does FedEx OnSite differ from traditional FedEx locations?

FedEx OnSite locations are often housed within partner businesses and offer more accessible areas and extended operating hours than traditional FedEx locations.

Are FedEx drop boxes available at FedEx OnSite locations?

Yes, many FedEx OnSite locations feature FedEx Drop Boxes for convenient drop-off of smaller packages.