Do you want to learn what “Package Available for Clearance” means? Wondering where you might come across it and why it’s essential to know about it? Look no further! We will investigate this topic and give you all the necessary information. 

So, what does it mean that a package is ready for clearance?

“Package Available for Clearance” means a package or product is ready to be sent through customs. Customs officials clear these packages. Then it goes on to its next stop.  

This term is often used in shipping and handling on an international scale. When a box gets to a customs checkpoint or a place where it can be cleared, it is looked at and judged. This ensures that rules are followed and any fees or taxes are paid.

Understanding what a “Package Available for Clearance” means is essential for people and companies who trade internationally or receive international shipments. By knowing how this process works, you can plan for possible delays. 

You can also make it easier to clear customs and avoid any problems that might come up. This will save you time, money, and some stress in the long run.

What Does “Package Available for Clearance” in FedEx Status Mean?

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When you look at FedEx tracking, the update status “Package Available for Clearance” means that your package has arrived at a customs checkpoint. Or, the place selected for clearance is now ready to go through the clearance process. 

The box is inspected, evaluated, and checked as part of this process. This ensures customs rules are followed and fees or taxes are paid. 

During clearing customs, customs officials, or other related officials, will look at the package’s contents, value, and any paperwork that goes with it. They will determine if the box is subject to duties, taxes, or import limits. 

This review is important for keeping borders safe. This prevents things not allowed or dangerous from passing into another country and ensures all laws are followed.

Most of the time, clearance happens at customs stations. Some of these places are airports, seaports, or customs buildings. International goods enter the country at these places. This is where the customs officers do the checks and assessments. 

By knowing how the processing process works, you can ensure your packages arrive quickly.

How Long Does a Clearance Delay Take FedEx?

Clearance delays range from a few hours to several days. The exact time frame depends on the complexity of the clearance process and the volume of packages needing to be evaluated. This includes the efficiency of customs procedures at the specific location and the promptness of the needed details.

Clearance Process for Packages

Customs Clearance is printed on the paper

The clearance process for packages involves several steps to ensure smooth customs procedures and delivery. It must undergo inspection and assessment by customs authorities. 

The process typically includes submitting the necessary documentation. This is followed by reviewing the documents for accuracy and completeness. Afterward, the package undergoes a physical inspection. In this step, customs officers examine its contents, verify declared values, and may take samples if necessary. 

Once the review is complete, customs authorities determine any applicable fees the recipient or shipper must pay. After payment, the package is cleared for delivery and can proceed to its final destination.

6 Shipping Companies Providing Package Clearance Services

There are six shipping companies that offer services for clearing packages.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS is a renowned shipping company, known for its global logistics capabilities. They offer comprehensive customs clearance services. They ensure packages comply with customs regulations and facilitate smooth delivery worldwide.


DHL is a well-known foreign logistics company, known for its knowledge of how customs work. They are experts at dealing with complicated clearance processes. This makes it easier for companies and people to import and export.

TNT (now a part of FedEx)

TNT has built a strong reputation in the shipping business and is now a part of FedEx. With their combined networks and knowledge of customs, FedEx can clear packages quickly and efficiently.


The United States Postal Service, or USPS, is the country’s leading mail service. Even though most of its work involves domestic mail, USPS handles foreign shipments and helps clear customs. This ensures that items can get into the country quickly.

Canada Post

Canada Post is Canada’s main postal service provider. They help packages from other countries get through customs. They ensure customs rules are followed and help import and export go smoothly.

Royal Mail 

Royal Mail is the United Kingdom’s leading mail service. They clear customs for foreign shipments, ensuring packages meet customs rules and making it easier for goods to move quickly across borders.

These shipping companies have made a name for themselves as reliable partners. They are known for being experts at getting items through customs and delivering them on time worldwide.

How To Deal with Packages Available for Clearance?

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Here are four techniques to deal with packages available for clearance effectively:

Ensure Accurate Documentation

Give full and correct paperwork for international shipping. This includes a detailed business invoice, a list of what is being shipped, and any necessary permits or licenses. Documentation that is clear and correct speeds up the customs clearance process. It would help if you gave all the essential facts right away.

Stay Informed and Communicate

Check the tracking state of your package often. Stay up-to-date on any changes or new information about the clearance process. You must reply quickly if there are any problems or requests for more information. Getting in touch with the shipping company and customs officials can help clear up any issues that might come up.

Pay Duties and Taxes Promptly

If your package is charged duties, taxes, or fees, pay them immediately. If you don’t pay these fees on time or at all, it can cause more delays. The seller can also get the package back. Make sure you have the payment ways you need and pay any fees you owe quickly.

Seek Professional Assistance

Ask customs agents or freight forwarders for help. These pros know a lot about how customs rules work. They can also help you move quickly through the clearance process. They can help fix any problems that might come up during the clearing process.

Using these tips, you can have a better time with packages that need to be cleared. You can also ensure that your shipments arrive on time and with as few delays as possible.

5 Reasons for Packages Being Available for Clearance

A box is labelled with customs clearance

Understanding these reasons can help individuals and businesses facilitate a smoother customs clearance process for their packages. Here are five reasons packages may be available for clearance:

1. Incomplete or Inaccurate Documentation: Packages can be held for clearance if the accompanying documentation contains errors. This is to verify the package’s contents and determine applicable duties or taxes.

2. Customs Inspection: Customs authorities may thoroughly inspect packages. This is to ensure compliance with regulations and detect prohibited or restricted items. This inspection process aims to maintain the security of borders and prevent the entry of illegal goods.

3. High Customs Traffic:  During high shipping volume, packages can experience delays in 

clearance. Increased workload and limited resources can result in longer processing times. This causes approval delays for longer durations.

4. Value Assessment: If the declared value of a package appears inconsistent or significantly undervalued, customs authorities may hold it before clearance. They may conduct further assessments. This determines the accurate weight and ensures proper duty and tax calculations.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Packages may be held for clearance to ensure compliance with specific regulations or requirements. This can include certifications, permits, or licenses needed to import or export certain goods. The packages must be verified before the package is cleared for delivery.

Final Thoughts

“Package Available for Clearance” is a significant status for people who work in the shipping business. If you know the rules and procedures for how shipments are handled, you will be able to make choices that are well thought out. 

This makes transactions more manageable and getting things where they need to go much faster. Be aware of what’s going on and do what you need to do to deal with packages ready to be handled. 


How Long Does A Package Stay In Clearance?

 It typically ranges from a few hours to several days. It depends on customs procedures, documentation accuracy, and any additional inspections or assessments required.

Does FedEx Do Custom Clearance?

Yes, FedEx provides custom clearance services for international shipments. This is to ensure compliance with customs regulations and facilitate the smooth movement of packages across borders.

What Is The Final Step In The Customs Clearance Process?

The final step in the customs clearance process is paying applicable duties, taxes, and fees. Afterward, the package is cleared for delivery and can proceed to its final destination.

FedEx’s “Package Available for Clearance;” What Does Exactly Mean?

“Package Available for Clearance” in a FedEx status means the package has arrived at a customs checkpoint.