Have you ever received a notification that your package couldn’t be delivered due to “Local Delivery Restriction: Delivery Not Attempted?” This message can be confusing, especially if you’re expecting a delivery. 

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In simple terms, a local delivery restriction means the package couldn’t be delivered to your address for some reason. When the courier attempts delivery and finds they cannot complete it, this message is generated and sent to you.

FedEx, one of the most well-known shipping companies globally, uses this term when they cannot deliver to your address due to certain restrictions. These restrictions can be anything from inaccessible roads, dangerous neighborhoods, or simply the courier’s inability to locate your address. 

The package is returned to the nearest FedEx facility for safekeeping until further instructions are given. It’s essential to understand the meaning of local delivery restrictions as it can save you a lot of time and frustration by knowing that your package hasn’t been lost but instead is waiting for you to take action.

Why FedEx Local Delivery Restriction Happens

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If you have ever received a notification from FedEx stating “Local Delivery Restriction: Delivery Not Attempted,” you may wonder why this happened. Here are some reasons why FedEx may not have been able to deliver your package.

Temporary Technical or Logistical Issues

There could be several reasons FedEx couldn’t deliver your package, and one of the most frequent ones is temporary technical or logistical difficulties. These issues could be weather conditions or road closures, making it difficult for the courier to access your location.

Other circumstances might be that the courier’s delivery vehicle breaks down or runs out of fuel, which may result in delayed or failed delivery attempts. In the same way, if the courier has many packages to deliver, it can result in delays when attempting deliveries. In such cases, FedEx may reschedule the delivery for another time or day.

Incomplete or Incorrect Address Information 

Another reason for FedEx’s attempted delivery restrictions is when the address provided is incomplete, incorrect, or cannot be found. If the address is wrong, it may not appear on the courier’s map, leading to delivery issues. 

It’s also possible that the courier could not locate your address due to the absence of building or unit numbers, unclear street signs, or an unclear address format. In such cases, FedEx will hold your package at the nearest facility, and you’ll need to contact them to provide additional information or correct the address.

Delivery To a Dangerous Neighborhood

FedEx may be unable to deliver your package to your address for safety reasons. If your neighborhood has been deemed unsafe, the courier may not attempt delivery for fear of their safety. 

The safety of its employees is always FedEx’s top priority when making this decision, and it is not taken lightly. In such cases, the package will be returned to the nearest facility for safekeeping.

Signature Required

The courier will not leave packages that require a signature at your doorstep if no one is available to sign for them. Instead, they will return it to the nearest facility for safekeeping until further instructions are given.

Dealing with FedEx Local Delivery Restriction

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Dealing with FedEx Local Delivery Restriction can be frustrating, but there are several ways to manage your shipment and ensure it arrives safely and on time. Here are some tips to help you navigate this situation.

How To Hold Your Shipment

If you’re not available to receive your package, you can request it to be held at the service center where it will be handed. Choosing this option will help you avoid any potential delivery delays and just pick up your package at your convenience. To keep your shipment, simply visit the FedEx website and follow the instructions to schedule a pickup.

Requesting a Hold at the Destination Service Center

To request a hold at the destination service center, you can visit the FedEx website or call the customer service center. To retrieve your package at a service center, you will be asked to provide your tracking number and specify the location address. FedEx will hold your package safely for up to five working days. This will give you ample opportunity to collect it.

Managing Deliveries With FedEx Delivery Manager

If you’re a frequent FedEx user, consider signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager. This free service allows you to customize delivery options and manage shipments from your computer or mobile device. 

Using Delivery Manager, you have the flexibility to modify your delivery preferences, such as requesting a hold, changing the delivery address, or scheduling a delivery for a specific date and time.

Contacting FedEx Customer Service

It is always best to allow the FedEx customer support team to handle your issues and inquiries regarding your shipment. There are various methods to contact their support team. This includes via phone, email, and live chat. 

Get assistance from our customer support team to track your package, stay informed about its delivery status, and receive advice on managing your shipment.

Tips To Avoid Package Delivery Delays and Issues

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To ensure your packages reach their intended destination on time and without any complications, it is crucial to take the necessary steps while shipping them. Check out these helpful tips to ensure smooth package delivery:

  1. Double-check the address: Make sure that the address of the recipient is accurate and complete before sending your package. Include your house/building number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code for precise delivery. A small mistake in the address can cause significant delivery delays or even result in the package being lost.
  2. Use proper packaging: Use a sturdy box or envelope and sufficient packing material to ensure your package arrives safely. This can help protect the contents of the package from damage during transit. Additionally, be sure to securely tape the container to prevent it from opening or spilling during transport.
  3. Follow delivery restrictions and regulations: Be aware of any rules or regulations that may apply to your package’s delivery. This could include restricted items that can’t be shipped or certain delivery hours in residential areas. By understanding these restrictions, you can avoid delays or potential issues with your package’s delivery.
  4. Use tracking and signature confirmation: To keep track of your package’s delivery status, consider using a tracking service provided by the shipping carrier. Another option is to choose signature confirmation, which guarantees that the package is delivered exclusively to the intended recipient and won’t be left unattended.

By implementing these suggestions, you can guarantee that your package delivery process goes smoothly and without any inconvenience. Remember to also communicate with the recipient to confirm their availability to receive the package, which can help prevent delivery issues or delays.


Understanding local delivery restrictions and why FedEx may not attempt delivery is crucial for ensuring the smooth delivery of your packages. By staying vigilant of possible problems and taking preemptive measures to address them, you can sidestep delays and guarantee prompt delivery of your packages.

Keep in mind that adhering to recommended guidelines and staying updated can guarantee the secure and timely delivery of your packages.


  • What does it mean when FedEx says “local delivery restrictions?”

When FedEx cannot deliver a package to a particular destination due to reasons like security, incomplete address, or weather conditions, it is known as a delivery exception.

  • What does FedEx’s “local delivery restriction – delivery not attempted” mean?

This indicates that FedEx was unable to deliver the package to the recipient for reasons such as local delivery restrictions, and the package was returned to the nearest facility.

  • What is a delivery restriction?

Delivery restriction refers to the inability to deliver a package to a particular location due to several reasons, including incomplete address information, security issues, or compliance with local regulations.

  • What happens when FedEx cannot deliver a package?

If FedEx cannot deliver a package, they will leave a door tag with instructions for the recipient on how to receive their package. If the package requires a signature and no one is available, FedEx will reattempt delivery or hold the package at a nearby FedEx location.

  • How many attempts will FedEx make to deliver?

FedEx usually makes three delivery attempts, but the number of attempts may vary depending on the delivery location and package type.

  • Will FedEx try again if they can’t deliver?

Yes, FedEx will typically make another attempt to deliver the package. Recipients can also use FedEx Delivery Manager to schedule a new delivery date.

  • Does FedEx purposely delay delivery?

No, FedEx does not purposely delay delivery. They aim to deliver packages promptly and with maximum efficiency.

  • How long will FedEx hold a package?

FedEx will hold a package for up to five business days before returning it to the sender.

  • Why is my FedEx package still in transit?

Packages may take longer to arrive due to factors such as weather conditions, transportation problems, or customs clearance. Customers can track their packages for updates on their expected delivery date.

  • Why does FedEx say “attempted delivery?”

FedEx says “attempted delivery” when they were unable to deliver the package to the recipient’s address. They will typically leave a door tag with instructions on how to receive the package or schedule a new delivery.

  • What is a “local delay” with FedEx?

A local delay occurs when a package’s delivery is delayed due to circumstances within the local delivery area, like bad weather or road closures.

  • What happens if your delivery is attempted?

If delivery was attempted but unsuccessful, FedEx would leave a door tag number with instructions on how to receive the package. What will likely happen is that your package will be redirected to a nearby FedEx location. You have the option to reschedule the delivery, pick up the parcel, or request to hold the package for pick up.

  • Can you pick up a package from FedEx?

Yes, recipients can pick up their packages at a nearby FedEx location if they are unable to receive delivery at their address. To collect the parcel, they’ll need to present a valid government-issued ID along with the tracking number.