If you’ve ever shipped a package, you know what it feels like to wait for the delivery. But do you understand the entire workflow and process that it went through before reaching its destination? Packing slips are an integral part of this workflow, but what exactly is a packing slip, and how important are they?

Packing slips are invaluable to ensure your packages get from point A to point B smoothly and efficiently. They contain crucial information, such as the recipient’s name and address, details of the contents, and any special instructions for the delivery driver.

What Is A Packing Slip?

Checking Packing Slip

A packing slip, also known as a delivery note, is a shipping document that lists the contents of a package. It specifies the item names, quantities, and descriptions sent from one location to another.

The purpose of a packing slip is to facilitate the shipping process and ensure the accuracy of an order. It is an essential document for inventory management, order tracking, and quality assurance.

A well-written packing slip can help avoid shipping errors, streamline the receiving process, and reduce costs for the shipper and the receiver. A packing slip is vital to every package, serving as a tangible shipment record and a tool to ensure successful delivery.

What Does a Packing Slip Look Like?

sticking a packing slip on parcel

Packing slips can take various forms, depending on the company or individual who created them. Generally, packing slips comprise a header with general information about the order and shipment details and a body containing detailed descriptions of each item in the package.

The top portion of the packing slip typically includes information, such as the sender and recipient’s details, order date, and reference number. It also includes the shipping method used, expected delivery date, and tracking number, if applicable.

The bottom portion of the packing slip includes detailed descriptions of each item in the package. This part includes the product name, quantity, weight or volume measurements, and item description.

Sometimes, a packing slip also includes additional information, such as instructions for handling and delivering particular messages from the sender.

What Information Should Be Included on a Packing Slip?

putting on a packing slip on a parcel

When you get a package, you should find some vital information on the paper inside. Who sent it and who it’s for should be written on it. It should also have the date and a number to find the order. 

The paper should list what’s inside, how much there is, and what it looks like. It might also have special instructions for how to handle the package. The paper should say when the package will arrive and might have a number to track it.

Adding extra details to a packing slip can make shipping and receiving things easier. More information might include the sender’s contact info, return policy, delivery requirements (like needing a signature or if the item is fragile), discount codes or promotions, taxes, and shipping fees.

Ensuring that all the necessary information is included on a packing slip can help ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time. All this essential information ensures the order is sent and received correctly.

How to Use a Packing Slip?

Scanning a Packing Slip on a Parcel

As an essential document in the shipping and delivery process, a packing slip can make or break the success of a transaction. It serves as a summary of the contents of a package, acting as a crucial reference point for both the seller and the buyer. But, how can you use a packing slip effectively?

First, ensure that it includes accurate information by double-checking the item names and quantities. Ensure the shipping address is correct and there are no typos or errors in the recipient’s contact details.

It is crucial to attach the packing slip to the outside of the package. This ensures that the delivery driver or shipping company can quickly identify the package.

Using these tips, a packing slip can help streamline the shipping process, ensuring that items are delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Final Thoughts

We talked about how a packing slip looks and what information it has. E-commerce businesses need to make packing slips for their customers. Their job is to ensure that customers get their orders correctly and fast. The packing slip should list what’s in the order and essential info like the store’s contact details and the customer’s account numbers.

Using pictures or colors to get your customer’s attention and make your product look more professional is essential. If you make a good packing slip, customers will be happier and more likely to come back again. We suggest making a good packing slip that looks professional and is easy for your customers to find. 


What Is The Definition of a Packing Slip?

A packing slip, also called a delivery note or shipping list, is a record that comes with a shipment of goods. It has specific information about what’s inside the package, such as the names of the items, how many there are, and any special instructions.

Is a Packing Slip the Same as a Shipping Label?

No, a packing slip is not a shipping label. A packing slip lists everything in order and how many of each. Packages have shipping labels. The package’s destination, sender, arrival date, and other information are listed.

Is Packing Slip a Receipt?

No, a packing slip is not a receipt. A packing slip shows what items and how many of each were ordered, while a receipt gives more information about the payment, like the total amount paid, taxes, fees, discounts, and other important details.

Is a Packing Slip a Bill of Landing?

No, a packing slip is not a bill of lading. A bill of lading is a legal document that serves as the contract between the shipper and carrier and provides proof of goods being shipped. A packing slip simply lists items in an order and their quantity.

What Happens if You Forget a Packing Slip?

Forgetting to include a packing slip in your shipment can cause problems. The person receiving the package may not have all the information they need about their order. This could cause the package to be delivered incorrectly or take longer to arrive.

What is the Purpose of a Packing slip?

The purpose of a packing slip is to ensure the accuracy of an order.

Why are Packing Slips Important in Business?

A packing slip is a crucial document in business because it helps prevent mistakes during shipping, makes the receiving process smoother, and saves money for both the sender and receiver.

Do I Need a Packing Slip for the Return?

Yes, in most cases, you need a packing slip for returns, including a copy of the original invoice and the packing slip when returning the item is important.

Can I Customize the Packing Slip Message According to My Needs?

Yes, the packing slip message can be customized to suit your requirements, allowing you to include personalized instructions, messages, or relevant information.