Why is my Shein order taking so long to arrive? Why does my Shein order say shipped, yet it hasn’t reached my doorstep?

The anticipation of a package can turn into frustration when it’s stuck on “shipped,” mainly when the expected delivery date has passed. Timely shipping is vital for maintaining customer trust, and a “shipped” status means that the courier now holds responsibility for the delivery.

Delays in your Shein order can occur due to logistical issues within courier operations or external factors, such as severe weather or customs. Sometimes, the status might say “delivered” without you receiving the package, possibly due to a delivery mix-up or theft. 

Understanding these reasons can help, but for specifics, contacting Shein’s customer support is recommended.

What Does “Shipped” Mean on Shein?

“Shipped” on Shein signifies that your order is now with the courier for delivery. This transition marks the shift of delivery responsibility from Shein to the courier. Delays past this stage, causing your Shein order to take longer, can occur due to courier issues or external disruptions.

Shein uses other status updates like “Paid,” “Packed,” and “Delivered” to mark different stages of your order’s journey. For example, if you see “Shein order delivered” but haven’t received it, it might suggest a problem, such as a delivery error or theft, warranting contact with Shein’s customer support.

What are the Reasons a Shein Package is Stuck in the “Shipped” Status?

Shipping delays, resulting in your Shein order taking longer than expected, can stem from various factors. These can range from logistical issues within courier operations, such as high package volume or limited capacity, to external disruptions, like severe weather or customs inspections. These factors can leave your Shein order stuck in the “Shipped” status.

When it comes to handling shipping delays, Shein primarily relies on courier services to rectify the situation. However, if your status says”’Shein order delivered” yet you haven’t received it, Shein’s customer support can assist in investigating the issue and helping resolve the situation, further maintaining their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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What to Do if Your Shein Package is Stuck in “Shipped” Status?

If your Shein order is stuck in “Shipped” status and taking longer than expected, the first step is to track your package using the provided tracking number. This action can give you real-time updates and a better understanding of your package’s location and progress.

Should the tracking information not suffice, or if your status says “Shein order delivered” yet it hasn’t been received, it’s essential to contact Shein’s customer service. They can assist by investigating the issue further and providing the necessary support to ensure you receive your package.

9 Tips to Avoid Shipping Delays on Shein

While some shipping delays are unavoidable due to external factors, there are strategies to lessen the chance of your Shein order taking too long. 

1. Shop Early

Shopping well in advance of when you need the items can help avoid last-minute shipping delays. This is particularly useful during peak seasons, like holidays, when shipping volumes are high.

2. Opt for Expedited Shipping

If available and affordable, expedited shipping can help bypass some common delays and get your order to you quicker.

3. Ensure Accurate Shipping Information

Double-check your shipping information before finalizing your order. Accurate information helps avoid delivery mix-ups that could delay your package.

4. Regularly Check Order Status

Keep a close eye on your order status. If it’s stuck on “Shipped” or says “Shein order delivered” yet hasn’t been received, you can promptly contact Shein’s customer service for assistance.

5. Avoid High Traffic Days

Avoid placing your order on high-traffic days, such as during sales events. The surge in orders can sometimes lead to delays in processing and shipping.

6. Consider Delivery Location

Have your items delivered to a secure location to be safely received. This can help avoid issues with package theft, which could be mistaken for delivery delays.

7. Sign Up for Notifications

Opt for Shein and the courier service notifications to stay updated about your order’s progress. Timely alerts can help you take action if there’s any issue with the delivery.

8. Choose Products with Faster Processing Times

Some items might take longer to prepare for shipping due to their nature or availability. If you need your order quickly, select items with shorter processing times.

9. Understand International Shipping Times

If you’re ordering from another country, be aware that international shipping often takes longer due to customs and distance. Allow for extra time when placing an international order to avoid disappointment.

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Your Shein order taking too long can result from various logistical or external factors that cause it to be stuck in the “Shipped” status. It’s essential to understand these potential reasons, track your package regularly, and contact Shein’s customer service if the status says “Shein order delivered” but you haven’t received your package.

To avoid such scenarios, we recommend shopping in advance, consider expedited shipping, and ensure your shipping details are accurate. While creating a UPS label isn’t directly related to shopping on Shein, it’s a good practice when shipping items yourself, helping to streamline the delivery process and potentially avoid some common shipping delays.


Why is my Shein order taking so long?

Your Shein order may be delayed due to logistical issues with the courier, external factors, like severe weather, or customs inspections.

What does “Shipped” status mean on Shein?

A “shipped” status on Shein means your order has been delivered to the courier.

What should I do if my Shein order status says “Delivered” but I haven’t received it?

If your Shein order status says “Delivered” but you haven’t received it, it’s recommended to contact Shein’s customer service for further assistance.

How can I avoid shipping delays on Shein?

To avoid shipping delays on Shein, shop in advance of when you need the items, consider expedited shipping, and ensure your shipping information is accurate.

What are the best practices for shopping on Shein?

Best practices for shopping on Shein include checking your order status regularly and promptly contacting Shein’s customer service if there’s an issue with your order’s delivery status.