Have you ever sent a package through USPS and wondered what “Tendered to Returns Agent” means? This update can be confusing and leave you wondering where your package is. Let’s look at what this status update means and learn why.

Package tracking has become an essential tool for many people. It lets you track the location and package status throughout the delivery. It helps ensure it gets there on schedule and in good shape. 

When you encounter the status update “Tendered to Returns Agent” on USPS tracking, it indicates that the package has been handed over to a USPS returns agent for further processing. This status update typically arises when a package is being returned to the sender or when a delivery attempt has been unsuccessful.

By understanding what the different state updates on USPS tracking mean, you can stay up-to-date on your package’s delivery progress.

Reasons for “Tendered to Returns Agent” Status

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  1. Change of Mind: One common reason items are tendered to a returns agent is when customers change their minds about a purchase. This could occur if they realize the item doesn’t meet their needs or preferences after receiving it.
  2. Defective or Damaged Items: Items that are received in a defective or damaged condition often need to be returned. Whether it’s a product malfunction or shipping-related damage, customers can return such items for a refund or replacement.
  3. Wrong item Received: Sometimes, customers receive the wrong item altogether. This could be due to fulfillment errors or shipping mistakes. In such cases, returning the item to the seller becomes necessary to receive the correct product.
  4. Size or Fit Issues: Items such as clothing, shoes, or accessories may need to be returned if they don’t fit or suit the customer as expected. Sizing discrepancies or mismatched preferences can lead to the need for a return.
  5. Dissatisfaction with Quality: If customers receive an item that doesn’t meet their expectations regarding quality, craftsmanship, or materials, they may return it. Subpar quality can be a valid reason for tendering items to a returns agent.

What to Do if Your Package is “Tendered to Returns Agent?”

The primary step you should take is to contact USPS customer service. Ensure your tracking number is handy so the customer service representative can quickly access your shipment details. After getting USPS customer service, they can provide further information about why your shipment was returned. They can also advise you on your steps to resolve the issue.

Once you have contacted USPS customer service, you may need further action. If the package was returned due to an inaccurate address, you should double-check the address you gave and, if required, replace it. Suppose the parcel was returned due to the recipient’s concerns. In that case, you may need to contact them to find out why they denied the delivery and if they want it redelivered.

Contacting USPS customer service will help you resolve the issue with your package. Upon contacting USPS, a representative will inform you of the reason for the package return and guide you on the next steps. They can also help you arrange for package redelivery or refund. Take proactive actions to avoid any further issues.

Tracking and Monitoring Tendered Items

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To track your tendered item, visit the USPS website or mobile app to enter the provided tracking number. This lets you see the latest information, including when your package was handed to the returns agent. USPS also sends email or text notifications with important updates about your package’s location and estimated arrival.

If you have questions or problems with your offered items, call the seller or returns agent directly. Give them the tracking number and a clear description of the problem. Effective communication will help solve any issues and find a satisfactory answer.


Anyone who has sent a package through USPS must know what “Tended to Returns Agent” means on the tracking page. This status update means that the package has been given to a USPS returns worker to be processed. This usually happens when a package is returned to the sender or a delivery attempt has failed.

If your package is marked “Tended to Returns Agent,” you should call USPS customer service for more information and advice on how to fix the problem. They can give you information about the return and tell you what steps to take. If necessary, checking the address and talking to the receiver may be needed to solve the problem.


What Does It Mean When USPS Tendered an Item to a Returns Agent?

When USPS tendered an item to a returns agent, the package is handed over to a designated returns agent who will process the return on behalf of the sender or seller.

Why Was My Package Tendered to a Returns Agent by USPS?

There could be various reasons why your package was tendered to a returns agent by USPS. It may be due to a return request initiated by the sender or seller, an exchange or refund request, or a resolution of a shipping issue or error.

Can I Request USPS to Tender My Items to a Different Returns Agent?

No, as a recipient or customer, you cannot request USPS to tender your items to a different returns agent. The sender or seller typically determines the returns agent, and USPS follows their instructions for the return process.

What Does “Delivered to Agent” Mean on a Return?

“Delivered to agent” on a return means the package has been successfully delivered to the designated returns agent or facility.

What Does “Available for Pickup by Returns Agent” Mean?

“Available for pickup by returns agent” means the package is ready for pickup by the designated returns agent or facility.

What Does “Service Tendered” Mean?

“Service tendered” means that the USPS has received the package for processing and shipment.

What Does It Mean When a USPS Package Has Been “Tendered to a Military Agent?”

When a USPS package has been “tendered to a military agent,” it indicates that it has been handed over to the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA). The MPSA will then process and ship the package to a military address.