Have you ever eagerly anticipated receiving a shipment, only to find that despite the UPS tracking showing “delivered,” you cannot locate the parcel? 

If you’ve ever said, “UPS says delivered but no package,” you’re not alone. When faced with such uncertainty, many people are at a loss for what to do.

You’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of a box and decide to check its progress via the UPS website. Even when the status indicates “Delivered,” you’re still scratching your head because the package is nowhere in sight.

What’s the best next step? 

Contact UPS immediately if your package still needs to be included after checking everywhere. Time is critical. Contacting them quickly and explaining the situation increases your chances of receiving your long-awaited delivery.

What are the Reasons Behind the Issue?

UPS parcels being prepared on small conveyor

The system may show “delivered” while the package is in transit. It happens more than you think. Talking to the delivery company and providing your tracking number can fix your parcel not being delivered. Here are five possible reasons for the issue:


Sometimes, delivery drivers accidentally drop packages off at the wrong address. This can happen due to similar house numbers, confusing street names, or errors in the delivery route. 


Unfortunately, package theft is a genuine concern. Even though tracking might indicate delivery, thieves could snatch packages before you have a chance to retrieve them. 

Scanning Errors

Sometimes, the people who bring packages might mark them as “delivered” even if they’re still on their way or at the delivery place. This can happen because of mistakes when scanning the packages, which makes the tracking information wrong.

Package Retention at a Nearby Facility

Your package might be held at a nearby UPS facility for various reasons, such as an incomplete address, an unsuccessful delivery attempt, or customs clearance. While it’s not directly in your hands, the tracking status could wrongly show “delivered.”

Delayed Updates

Sometimes, the tracking system needs to catch up in updating the package’s actual location. This delay can cause the “delivered” status to appear before the package arrives.

What are the Immediate Steps to Take?

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It’s frustrating to find out a UPS package has been delivered but has yet to be received, but responding quickly can help remedy the problem. Taking prompt action can improve the likelihood of your parcel being located and delivered as quickly as possible. Here is the step-by-step guide on what to do when faced with this issue:

Double-Check Delivery Address

First, ensure your provided delivery address is correct. Sometimes, errors in address input can lead to delivery confusion.

Look Around

Before panicking, carefully inspect your property. Check all possible delivery spots, including porches, backyards, or less noticeable areas. Sometimes, packages are left in safer places for protection.

Ask Neighbors or the Building Manager

Contact neighbors to inquire if the package was mistakenly delivered to their address. If you live in an apartment building, check with the building manager or front desk to see if they accepted the package on your behalf.

Contact UPS Customer Support

If the package is still not located, contact UPS customer support immediately. Please provide them with your tracking number and explain the situation. They can investigate the delivery details and provide valuable information.

Document Everything

Keep track of your actions, including names of neighbors spoken to and interactions with UPS. This documentation might be helpful if further assistance is needed.

Be Patient

While it’s frustrating, remain patient. The tracking system might sometimes be delayed, and the package could still be on its way. UPS customer support will guide you on the following steps to take.

Preventive Measures and Alternative Options

handling of package to the receiver

Learn the actions you can take to ensure your packages arrive at their destination without incident. Investigate different strategies to improve the security and dependability of the package deliveries you receive. 

Make sure your shipments are protected by utilizing these astute tactics. Here are the preventive measures and alternative options:

Request Signature Confirmation

Consider requesting a signature confirmation upon delivery. This ensures that the package will be secured, reducing the chances of it going missing.

Use UPS Access Point or Store Pickup

Opt for having your package delivered to a nearby UPS Access Point or a store for pickup. This way, you can retrieve your package conveniently and minimize the risk of theft or misdelivery.

Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around your delivery area can deter potential thieves and provide visual evidence of the delivery process, offering more assurance and clarity in case of any discrepancies.

Final Thoughts

a woman carrying 3 packages

A “delivered” state without an item can make determining where a package is hard. When facing this problem, remember to act right away. Get the right information from UPS, talk to your neighbors and the building management, and take steps like signing for the package or picking it up in a store. Remember that your efforts matter; you need the right plan. 


Why Does My Ups Package Says Delivered When It’s Not?

This could occur for various reasons, such as delivery driver errors, scanning mistakes, or packages being left with a neighbor or in a secure location. If this happens, waiting a little longer is recommended as there might be a slight delay. 

Can You Keep Items Delivered By Mistake? 

No. Informing the delivery service is essential if you receive items delivered by mistake. Keeping items intended for someone other than you might result in legal and ethical implications.

What Happens if Someone Takes My Delivery? 

If your package is stolen, report it to the delivery service and consider filing a report with local authorities. Some delivery services offer theft protection or guarantees.

Who is Responsible for a Misdelivered Package? 

The responsibility lies with the delivery service. They should work to rectify the situation by locating the package and ensuring proper delivery.

What To Do If You Never Received A Package? 

If you have yet to receive a package marked as delivered, start by checking your surroundings. If the package is still missing, contact the delivery service to investigate and provide assistance.