Have you ever wondered what “No Such Number USPS” means when waiting for a package? Have you encountered this puzzling error while tracking your online orders? “No Such Number USPS” is a common issue faced by buyers and sellers in the world of ecommerce. 

This error occurs when the United States Postal Service (USPS) cannot locate the address associated with your package.

Buyers must comprehend “No Such Number USPS” because it can delay delivery or return your goods to the sender. On the other hand, sellers must ensure accurate address information to prevent this error and maintain customer satisfaction. This post will explain “No Such Number USPS” and offer tips for online purchases.

Understanding the “No Such Number USPS” Status

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The “No Such Number USPS” status is an error message in USPS delivery attempts. This warning indicates that the USPS cannot find the specified address in its records or database. 

It can happen for many reasons, but an erroneous or incomplete address usually causes USPS to be unable to deliver the mail or delivery.

Suppose you ordered a video game online and wrote the wrong house number. USPS may not be able to find it. Moving without updating USPS may result in a “No Such Number USPS” shipment because USPS can’t find the new address. It’s vital to double-check addresses in both cases to ensure smooth deliveries.

Causes of USPS Tracking Number Errors

US mailboxes are positioned adjacently to one another

When tracking a parcel with USPS, you may see “No Such Number USPS.” This notice indicates that the USPS couldn’t discover your delivery address or mailbox number. This may frustrate senders and recipients, but understanding the causes can help you fix it and ensure delivery.

Several factors can cause this mistake. Occasionally, a typo or incomplete address on the package causes trouble. Misspelled street names, ZIP codes, and apartment or suite numbers can cause “No Such Number USPS” errors. It’s crucial to review your shipping information to avoid such errors carefully.

Sometimes, the address doesn’t exist, or the receiver moved without updating their address with USPS. When a location is demolished or renumbered, USPS might have trouble locating it. Delivery difficulties can also occur if the receiver needs to update their USPS address. 

It could be a temporary issue with USPS’s system in rare cases. Technical glitches, database errors, or system updates can occasionally disrupt the tracking and delivery process. Contact USPS customer service for parcel status updates if you receive “No Such Number USPS” and suspect a system issue.

Remember that accurate and up-to-date address information is crucial for a successful USPS parcel delivery. Double-checking your address and notifying USPS of any changes may help your things arrive without the “No Such Number USPS” status.

How To Identify “No Such Number USPS”

USPS box package in facility
USPS box package in facility

When tracking your package and seeing this message, it usually appears in big, bold letters, saying something like, “NO SUCH NUMBER USPS.” It means that the USPS system couldn’t find your package with the tracking number you entered.

Don’t stress if you run into this problem. You can take some basic steps. First, make sure the tracking number you gave is correct. Verify that no digits are missing or mistakes. In particular, if the box has recently been dispatched, it may still need to be scanned if you are confident that the number is accurate.

If so, wait and attempt retracing it. Contact USPS customer care if the problem persists and your package has not arrived. They can assist you in locating and delivering your shipment. 

Tips to Avoid USPS Tracking Errors

Package tracking through the US Postal Service can be quite helpful, but only if done correctly to avoid mistakes. Some simple advice is as follows:

Entering Tracking Numbers

Always double-check the tracking number you enter. It’s like a secret code for your package. Ensure you type it in correctly or ask a grown-up to help you if needed. Using the wrong tracking number, USPS can lead to tracking errors.

Managing Tracking Info

Sometimes, the USPS website might have updates or changes in the tracking system. Check the USPS website or seek guidance if you need clarification. Monitor modifications to track your package’s progress.

Double-Check the Information

It is crucial to verify the tracking number after entering it. Check the number on the invoice or the message you received.

Keep an Eye on Updates

As your box travels, the USPS will update you on its position and projected arrival time. These updates offer suggestions about where and when your delivery will arrive. Note these updates.

Contact USPS 

It’s fine to ask for clarification or assistance if you’re anxious about your shipment at any point. You can contact USPS, and they’ll guide you.

Track via Third-Party Services

Consider third-party package tracking services and applications that combine USPS and other carrier tracking data. These can provide a consolidated view of your shipments in one place.

Track Priority Mail Express 

Suppose you’ve chosen Priority Mail Express for your package. In that case, this service offers a money-back guarantee for deliveries not on time. If it doesn’t arrive as promised, you may be eligible for a refund.

Visit Local Post Office 

If you’re experiencing tracking issues or have questions about your package, you can visit your local post office. They can often provide more personalized assistance and may have additional information.

Lost or Stolen Packages

If your tracking shows a delivery was delivered, but you have yet to receive it, ask neighbors and family. Occasionally, packages are left with someone else by mistake. If the package is genuinely missing, contact USPS for assistance.

Final Thoughts

In a world of online shopping and package tracking, it’s normal to encounter puzzling errors like “No Such Number USPS.” Refrain from fretting if you see these words on your screen. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, even the USPS! So, if you spot this error, the first step is to double-check your tracking number.

Think of it as a unique code for your parcel. A slight mistake can cause a problem. If the code is correct, there is no need to stress. It could be a minor system issue. Give it time and try again. If the problem persists, contact USPS customer care.


How Do I Find My USPS Number?

Your USPS number, also known as a tracking number, is typically provided on your shipping receipt or can be obtained from the sender if you’re expecting a package.

How Many Digits is a USPS Number?

A USPS tracking number is typically 22 digits long.

Can You Track a USPS International Package?

Yes, you can track USPS international packages using the tracking number provided. However, the level of tracking detail may vary depending on the destination country’s postal service.

How Long Does USPS Take to Deliver?

USPS delivery times vary depending on your chosen service, package size, origin, destination, and any delays. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are typically faster, while Standard Post may take longer.

What Happens if My Package Doesn’t Have a Tracking Number?

It may be challenging to monitor the package’s location and delivery status without a tracking number. Contact the sender or the postal service for alternative ways to inquire about your package’s status.